What are Heated Gutters?

Actually, heated gutters are not common gutters installed with heating elements. The word simply refers to a separate item which is put in, around, or along the gutters that produce heat which is just enough to melt snow or ice. This method is usually enough in order to prevent the accumulation of ice dams on your house.

What are Ice Dams?

Ice dams are a portion of frozen liquid water which accumulates around the roofline of your house. When ice and snow sit on your rooftop, it usually refreezes at night and thaws during the daytime. This cycle causes ice and snow to melt and run behind or into the gutters, where it can potentially refreeze as well as put stress on the roof and guttering of your home. As a matter of fact, this can poke holes in walls and ceilings, and lead to cracks in your gutters – where thawed frozen water can lead to expensive damages to the interior and exterior of your house.

How Do These Heated Gutters Work?

In some instances, the heat is transferred through a metal coil or cable which runs along all or most of the gutter that hangs on the house. This coil or cable is basically connected to a source of power that is often hooked up to the electrical system of your house, either by being hardwired into your home’s breaker box or through the regular AC cord-and-outlet. Most of the time, this system is actually self-regulating to transfer heat just when it is required, instead of operating all the time.

How Does a Heat Gutter Self-Regulate?

Heat gutters, at least most of them, utilizes a sensor which is able to detect alterations in ambient temperature. In addition to that, when the outside temperature decreases below a particular level. The energy source activates as well as starts sending heat to the cable or coil. On the other hand, when the temperature increases past the normal, the energy supply turns off automatically.

Do Heat Gutters Cause a Fire and Overheat?

The answer is no. The whole gutter heating system is well-protected from this kind of issue. This simply means that the energy supply has the capacity to monitor the electrical current flow from your house to the coil or cable. If at some point there is a current imbalance, the power supply is typically designed to shut off immediately. And this prevents the heated gutter from overheating or malfunctioning that could lead in a fire incident.

How Much Does a Heated Gutter Cost?

It all depends on a series of variables such as the number of corners, the number of stories and the length of the guttering system. However, in most instances, the cost of building heated gutters Buffalo NY is lesser than on what you actually pay for your home insurance. Also, when you compute all the expenses pertaining with the damage to ceilings and walls, replacement of flooring and furniture, interior leaks or flooding or any other related expenses, heated gutters are a smart investment in the precautionary maintenance of your house.