There are several factors why your roofing has leaks. It could be damage from animals, weathered seals near vents, damaged roofing materials, or a poor roofing job. Because of this, it is important to know how to detect roof leaks for you to determine what causes them to leak. When in doubt, it is better to contact the roofing experts right away. Nevertheless, we will still provide you some tips in detecting a leak on your roof for a heads up: 


Assess your roof  

There are numerous roofing features and fixtures, which can be an accessory as to why your roof leaks. Some of the culprits of a leaky roof could be one of the roofing features such as roof lights, skylights, vent covers, and chimneys. These features can accumulate on your roofing and once they aren’t attached and sealed properly into the roofing materials, they could be susceptible to leaking. If you can observe any of these that cause a leak, make sure to check it and the material surrounding it. Then, replace any worn or damaged feature and reseal it near the fixtures.  

Seal the fixtures  

It is critical to have a waterproof seal near any roofing fixture. Any roofing feature will entice water while it’ll either provide an area to run in, runoff, or pool. You can sell anything susceptible to leaking, such as skylights, vents, and any other thing on your roof properly using silicone caulk.   

Soffit Vents  

Soffit vents are the least possible cause of why your roof leaks. However, it could also be the actual source. Commonly, the vents are secured from moisture to get into the attic via the vent since the location of the vent is beneath the roof’s overhang. Rain does not commonly fall up. But, in case there will be extreme weather, moisture and water could still reach these vents, which leads to wet insulation in your property’s walls and wet drywall in the interior.  

Over time, this can contribute to extreme damage and the need to replace some of the home’s important features. Remember that the further they are from your property’s wall exterior, the less likely they will become the cause of why your attic obtains water.   

Look out for pierced or attached objects under the roof 

Some leak types can be very visible and easily be detected. Most of the time, these leaks happen because of an object that has been attached or pierced into the roof. If you can’t see any apparent signs, try to search in your roof vents. If you have these vents, they are usually near gable ends or ridges, or both. Sooner or later, the seals that surround the roof vents slowly start to weaken. As a result, rainwater can seep into it and cause roof leaks. 

After determining the roof leaks, make sure to let the expert roofers from the best roofing companies fix and resolve such roofing issues. Visit today for assistance and free estimate.