How to Make Your Bathroom More Accessible

Are you planning to age in your current house? Do you want to add security or value to your home?

It is crucial you guarantee that you’ve got ways to ensure that they are safe when taking care of themselves, whether you or a family member is getting old. Luckily, updates in the accessibility of your bathroom don’t have to look ugly. With today’s stylish and modern options for bathroom remodeling, your shower to tub conversion or bathtub replacement can add beauty and safety to your house.

Do you want to know how to make your bathroom more accessible? Well, aside from hiring a bathroom remodeling Aurora contractor, here are other tips you can follow:

Install Slip-Resistant Flooring

Perhaps this is an excellent idea for any bathroom. It does not matter whether or not your goal is accessibility. You will have a better grip on the flooring if you choose textured flooring options. This will help lower the possibilities of falls, trips, and slips. Thus, you can improve the safety of your bathroom.

Add a Clearance Under the Sink

If you want to make your bathroom wheelchair accessible, you have to consider adding enough clearance under the sink. This will allow the person using wheelchair access properly the facilities. One general rule you should consider is to look for at least 25” of unobstructed space. However, you can also obtain excellent information if you measure the wheelchair of your loved one.

Shower Accessories to Improve Safety

If you add a grab bar in your shower, you can drastically improve the safety inside your bathroom. This simple feature will help you or your loved one to get in and out of the shower without the fear of slips and falls. Aside from that, you should think about buying a hand-held showerhead as well. With this, you can easily control the temperature and pressure of the water without having to reach a set.

Think About Incorporating Wise Shower Builds

If you are planning to replace the shower in your bathroom, make sure you consider the build without a curb or lip. This will prevent you from having to step over anything. You can even add wheelchair access to the shower if necessary. For comfortable and easy support, you can also add a shower bench inside the shower.

Place the Fixtures Properly

If you are planning to make your bathroom accessible to wheelchairs and walkers, you’ve got to ensure that the shower, toilet, tub, or sink does not get in the way of the person. You’ve got to ensure that these areas of your bathroom are placed so that there’s a lot of room for the person to maneuver.

Roll-In Showers

Tubs are extremely hard to access for people using wheelchairs. They’re also difficult for people who have a hard time walking. If you want your shower to have complete access for these people, you should create a curbless shower stall. To do this, you have to get rid of any barriers. Make sure the shower is big enough to accommodate a wheelchair.

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